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Monday, September 7, 2009

Tudung Ramadan

For the past few months I have been busying myself with doing offline things such as preparing for newborn (oopps! Yeah I’m already married…lol) and other errands; important errands. I’m sorry that I don’t have the time to update this blog as I had promised in the last article. I know that many amongst visitors have taken the time to fill up the tudung survey and some didn’t even hesitate to leave their phone numbers in case I launch my tudung collection. Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to spend the time to write anything left alone preparing all kinds of lovely tudung for the official launch.

Today marks another day of fasting day in one of the holiest month in Islamic calendar which is Ramadan Al Mubarak. For those who are not familiar with the Muslim religious activities, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and during this particular month, Muslims are refrained from eating and drinking (the basic) from dawn to sunset. Other things that are not allowed during the fasting period include but not exhaustive to smoking, indulging in anything that is in excess or ill-natured.

In excess?

Wait, you might felt that this is not what you saw during this supposed-to-be a special month for Muslims. You saw Muslims rush to the “bazaar” or food fiesta, buying excessive amount of food to be brought home. Food sold at the bazaar ranging from Malay-made curry puffs and other light meals to heavy meals such as nasi briyani and so on. Drinks and beverages are also sold at the fiesta. You saw Muslims spending here and there as if they were bringing home those foods for 20 to 30 people.

Unfortunately, they were just buying for maybe three to four people or could also be only for him/her.

Can they finish those massive amounts of food?

No. Not at all. No man can consume food-for-20-people at one time alone. If he/she can, then I’ll rest my case.

This scenario is for real. You can see this act of lust being performed everyday during Ramadan month. For the hawkers, yes this is a fortune for them and in fact a handsome one. For a regular curry puff, they can only sell it at about 40 cents during normal month but they can sell it for 60 cents during this Ramadan month. People will still buy despite the ridiculous high price since their mind were occupied with only the lust of having all kind of food during the break at sunset. They were deceived not by the demon, but by their own evil. If a non Muslim sees this situation, or more appropriately if I say someone who doesn’t believe in angels or demons sees this, he or she would laugh right away to the Muslim and says, “so you said the demons try to distract you with the world, but during a month where you said the demons were chained, you still chasing the world like no one business?”

Mind you though, I can safely say that this only happens in Malaysia ~ BolehLand.

Scientists and nutritionists have been arguing about the pros and cons in fasting for many years. Although there are no proven results that by fasting will improve your health and lifestyle, there are still chances of improvement. I say this because our ancestors had been practicing for thousand of years and therefore there should have been a good reason, at least one good reason, why they fast. However, a good fast should always be balanced with a good break. Without a good one, the fast might not be a good one. Furthermore, the religion clearly states that Ramadan is a month for us to offer more prayers as well as a reminder to all of us that there are others out there who live in hunger while thousands have starved to death.

There’s no point of spending excessively on food when you can’t even finish them. If you really feel like you can’t help buying them (maybe you thought that you were under some kind of spell whenever you step into the bazaar area lol), then buy them and donate to those who really need them.

There are a lot of other things that you can do during the Ramadan month besides going to the bazaar. You can go to the welfare house (any one near your place) and spend some times with the residents. You might say that they are the ones in need, but the truth is YOU are the one in need. Seeing them and spending time with them will actually heal your distracted soul and at the same time help you to remind yourself about the gaps and disparities in this world. Trust me, after one or two visits, you will eventually see the world in a different perspective and you will learn to appreciate everything and anything around you.

Remember, Ramadan is supposed to be a very good opportunity for us to start reforming ourselves as well as cleansing our spirit. All this while we have been trying hard to chase the world and at some points, we’ll get exhausted. Therefore Ramadan is the month to be observed in excitement as we can take the chance to relax a bit, take a deep breath and be patient whenever something unwanted happens, and also a chance to “reboot” our mind. Why waste it for something that you will keep on trying to achieve on other 335 days? Chill, busy yourself with doing good deeds to other people, start forgiving others, and if you have the chance, say hi to your neighbor or at least waive your hand at them whenever you see them and reward them with a smile; denoting that you are happy to have him or her as a neighbor.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims all over the world happy fasting in Ramadan month. I hope that you will all be having fun doing so and I sincerely hope that all of us will be celebrating the upcoming Shawwal happily and merrily.

Thanks to Allah for everything that He has given us.

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