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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tudung Bawal Online

One of the most common reasons why Malaysian women are wearing hijab is to ensure that they can fulfill the religious requirement to cover their hair including their ears. They are supposed to show only their face. However some extreme beliefs wanted them to cover their faces as well and leave only their eyes to be seen. These beliefs however are not embraced by most of the Muslim women in Malaysia. In fact, tudung has been receiving a lot of revolutions in terms of the fashion and also the trend here in Malaysia. In short, this scenario is one of the uniqueness of the Muslim community here in Malaysia.

There are many types of tudungs worn by Muslim women in Malaysia. One of them is tudung bawal which is a very popular tudung. Tudung bawal is actually evolving from plain tudung where the tudung has been embroidered with shining curvy lines. The curvy lines are usually flowery designs like batik. When tudung bawal was first introduced, it instantly received high popularity and had taken the tudung industry by storm. Women flocked to tudung market to look for this tudung bawak as it is a far cry better than the plain tudung. Besides being stylish, the tudung bawal is easy to be worn and it doesn’t look too dull neither too fancy.

A lot of variations on how to wear the tudung appropriately can be performed simply by twisting here and there at how you tie the tudung. There are many tudung videos out there tutoring on how to tie your tudung (ranging from tudung bawal, tudung ekin, tudung dubai, or any other types of tudung) and you just have to hop from one to another to gather all the options and later choose your favorite one. You may see that some would choose to wrap it around their head and then leaving just enough of the tudung ends so that they can be tied; creating a delicate and impressive knot. Some would just let the tudung ends to fall gracefully on their shoulders to create a shawl-look.

As I have mentioned few times before, tudung has gone through a lot of revolutions and one of them is the fabrics used to produce attention-grabbing tudungs. Some of the designers’ favorites are georgette, chiffon, velvet, cotton, wool, cashmere, pashmina (fine wool growing beneath the outer hair of goats), polyester, rayon, and also from silk. Of course, amongst those fabrics there is one that is most demanded by women; silk. Since silk somehow has its own way to stroke the skin giving a comfort feeling, they are highly demanded in the tudung market.

Today we can see that there are a lot of tudungs around us. I can only named few of them that are common such as tudung ekin, tudung Dubai, tudung bawal air mata, tudung ariani, tudung hijjaz, tudung munawarah, tudung bawal jepun, tudung manjalara, tudung sutera, and tudung pearl haya. These fashion tudung collections are those that can be easily found in the market and they are “nice and sweet” looking tudungs. Hijab fashion world has also been flooded with ready-made easy-to-wear tudungs. Frankly, I don’t encourage to buy these types of tudungs as they are usually made from cheap materials that could be harmful to those who are allergenic.

Apparently tudung has become one of the most sought after garments in Malaysia. Many tudung manufacturers have taken the initiatives to produce more tudungs that are nice-looking and eventually people started to see tudung as a fashion rather than just a religious requirement. However, since Islam encourages its adherents to live a modest and humble life, the creation of tudung in fashionable manner is restricted so that it does not look too extravagant. This is to ensure that the original purpose of wearing it is not to be confused with catching up with the trend like any other garments. Furthermore, the world’s fashion still does not give tacit approval to the idea of wearing tudung.

Fashion is always revolutionizing its form from time to time. It is an elusive and seductive concept. If you know how to use fashion accordingly and appropriately, you can manipulate the fashion to express yourself in many brilliant ways. It serves as an extension of your own persona and therefore it helps to build up your self-confidence in yourself. In my opinion, it is not the fashion that decides who you are and what you are as fashion is just another platform of expressing yourself. Self-esteem should be gained from developing your skills in socializing with others. Teetotal resort to wearing trendy items all the time is definitely not the right way to heighten your self-esteem to favorable level.

Now if we look into fashion a bit deeper, you might have this perception that designers are the ones who have the greater influence in popularizing any trend. Well, I don’t really think so. In my humble opinion, fashion is driven by the people; those who wear it. There are just so many fashion designs out there that were produced and then never hit the market. Why? Because people don’t wear fancy clothing whilst running their daily errands. People wear shirts and articles that are comfort and unmistakably simple. Fashion only seems to be apposite when we want to go for special occasions yet we only choose something that is not too arresting to avoid unnecessary excessive attractions from the public.

Wearing a regular headscarf is not uncommon amongst women in this world but it lacks what a tudung needs to look like. Of course tudung IS a headscarf but it is not just a headscarf. Designing a tudung is not like designing the regular headscarf. It has to be designed in a way that it could carry out the religious requirement and the same time it accomplishes the fashion needs. If you think about it carefully, you would find that achieving that ultimate goal is not something that is as easy as designing an ordinary headscarf, if you know what I mean.

Some women feel that they shouldn’t look frumpy when they go out in public but some just don’t take it as their main priority. Looking great at all times may be more applicable to artiste (though now we have Susan Boyle who is genuine at heart and a live proof that beauty comes from your heart) or those who meet clients everyday in their daily routines.

At the present day women are more eager to look elegant rather than glamour. Fortunately we have a lot of tudung designers that dedicated their works to producing more and more elegant tudung. By wearing this fashion tudung, not only you will be able to adapt yourself to one of the fashion accessories but at the same time you will be able to fulfill the Islam’s requirement. To be honest, there are also other collateral benefits such as protection from the rain as well as weather.

Being attractive might be one of the modern women’s dreams but at the same time they don’t really put that as their number one precedence. Their main concern is to be noticed and to be well recognized as having the same quality as men. Yes, equality in everything is what they want in this modern world and frankly say, they have work hard (and smart!) to prove that they are as great as men. What’s more, some women at present are more successful than some women could have ever imagined.

In conclusion, there are many ways apart from being a fashion slave to articulate your own self to the world. Avoid superfluous agendas in your life so that you can focus more on improving your capabilities to interact with others and also on your lifestyle. Mix around as much as you can but restrain yourself from bad-mouthing others. In order to be respected by others, you should first build up your rapport by being someone who is humble and modest in every way every angle. It doesn’t mean you have to be prude at all times; be yourself.

If you have missed my previous rantings, you are welcome to read it here at Koleksi Fesyen Tudung Muslimah. Oh yes, another thing that I would like to remind you is be careful when you buy tudung bawal online. You might be cheated with low quality tudung and that is definitely something that you want to happen.


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