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Monday, April 6, 2009

Tudung Ekin

When I first mentioned about “tudung ekin” in my first post here at tudung collection, I mentioned that I had no idea who the heck Ekin was until one of my readers pointed out that Ekin is a popular local singer who is now married to another popular singer called Mawi who came out from a popular reality show in Malaysia. How idiot I was haha. However, I am still not convinced that the tudung was first introduced by Ekin but rather popularized by her. Despite all the popularity that she gained when she first dated Mawi, she had gained her own popularity from wearing a nice looking tudung and thus the tudung received an “honor’ by being named after her name, Ekin. “Ekin” herself may not realized at first that she would receive such an honor for having a tudung being named after her name yet the way she wore it is the main reason why the tudung is now so popular.

If you take a look at the tudung itself you won’t see anything that is so special about it. When tudung ekin was first produced, there are only few colors available and the first batch only consists of plain colors and plain cloth. So when Ekin first appeared with the so-called tudung ekin, almost everyone of her die-hard fans were surprised; as she didn’t wear tudung previously and not because of the tudung. Nevertheless, the news about Ekin wearing the tudung became hot almost instantly and was spread across the nation within few days up to few weeks and eventually the tudung gains its own instant popularity. I don't want to further argue whichever is first; this is just like guessing whichever is first chicken or egg.

Some geniuses amongst tudung sellers decided to name the tudung after her name and therefore the tudung received its unofficial name; Tudung Ekin. Many have taken the advantages of the tudung’s popularity by producing more and more attractive tudung and claimed that the tudung is tdung ekin. Yes, I am not saying here that the tudung belongs to her haha. What tickles me most is when some people imprudently named the tudung as Tudung Mawi; which is just absurd. Mawi is a man and obviously he doesn’t wear tudung. Even if you argue that Arabian men wear tudung or more appropriately called hijab, Mawi blatantly won’t wear such tudung. However, for the sake of this discussion, I will sometimes refer to tudung ekin as tudung mawi; simply to pleasure all of this tudung blog readers.

Tudung ekin can be separated to two different parts; the inner part and the outer cloth. The inner part of tudung ekin is usually made from a piece of cloth which is shaped like an arc of “half moon”and then pasted and ironed with (or without) harder material to strengthen the shape. The outer part of tudung ekin on the other hand is made from a larger piece of cloth. You can learn how to make tudung ekin if you google for “cara-cara buat tudung ekin” or belajar buat tudung ekin. I can be almost certain that it is quite easy to create tudung ekin.

The inner part of tudung ekin is actually the main criteria of this tudung since it is the one that shape up the whole tudung. It acts as an “awning” as it provides shades to the forehead; creating an awning-like shape. I have seen these types of tudung in the past but I was too idiot to name it as “Tudung Ekin”; if not I will be rich by now lol. Anyway today there are a lot of variations to tudung ekin and you can easily get the low cost or “tudung ekin murah” at pasar malam. In my opinion, rather than getting a low cost tudung ekin at only RM10, why not create the tudung on your own as you can choose your own material; whichever suit your needs and whichever makes you comfortable to be worn.

Tudung Ekin has received a lot of attention until some tudung manufacturers decided to produce more and more quality tudung. Calista, for instance, have made the effort to come out with excellent set of tudung ekin for you to choose from. Not to promote anything here but I can assure you that tudung ekin produced by the company is high in quality; the choice of cloth as well as how they sew them. Furthermore, the materials are good for any type of skin thus making the tudung ekin not hot to be worn for active Muslimah women.

How to Make Tudung Ekin (Bagaimana Buat Tudung Ekin)

In order for you to start making tudung ekin you need to have these materials; a pair of scissors, a pen or a pencil, some needles, interfacing (kain bergam), a piece of cloth for the inner part, and a piece of cloth for the main body. You can choose any materials for the main body part; either silk, thai silk, brocade, songket, cotton, or whatsoever as long as that material is what you think as the most comfortable for you.

Now we can begin our fist process to “buat tudung Ekin” by cutting down a piece of cloth to a circle shape; this is the process of making the awning shape. In order to do so, you can start by drawing the shape first on cardboard and later cut it accordingly. Hell yeah, if I have a pencil, can I just draw the circle on the cloth? Yes you may dear. If this is your first time doing this DIY hand-sewn tudung, then do it the idiot way; you won’t get anywhere wrong. If you are an expert, you won’t be reading this, don’t you? Sorry, I don’t think I am being harsh here or trying to insult your intelligence.

Ok, now we have the circle shape. Then take the interfacing cloth ( the cloth is sticky at one side and it will stick to the cloth when we iron it) and cut it to create an arc shape cloth. Put it on the circle shape cloth and then fold the circle shape cloth to cover the arc-shaped cloth. Pin them with some needles. Then you can start to iron it. If you realize, we have to make the circle-shaped cloth to be slightly bigger than the arc-shaped interfacing cloth so that after we ironed it, we can easily sew it.

The rest of the process to make tudung ekin is self-explanatory. If you are too lazy to make one of your own but you think you can make one, you can also buy a plain tudung and then you can just create the awning part and stitch it down to the tudung. If your name is Mila, you can name the tudung as Tudung Mila. If your name is Diana Danielle, why not naming the tudung as Tudung Diana Danielle? Who knows you will be popular one day and people will actually call the tudung after your name Diana Danielle? Haha I’m just kidding anyway.

I hope you have learned your lesson today. I am sure that tudung ekni will remain to be one of the most popular and glamorous tudung these days but my main concern is that we are not supposed to forget the main reason to wear tudung apart from following the herd; which is to adhere to syaria’. Hey by the way if you are interested in knowing about tudung bawal, you are welcome to visit my tudung bawal article.


~Lis bukan Ekin.

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