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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tudung Ekin Collection

Though I have explained and elaborated a full two or three pages about tudung ekin, still some emailed me and asked about it. Some even asked me about where to get tudung ekin but since I haven’t decided which tudung seller I should refer. In fact, I am still collecting some information about tudung ekin and which seller has the best reputation that I can send my readers to. Therefore here I decided again to explain more about tudung ekin.

Despite its name, the tudung is not actually belongs to Ekin and in fact it is not its real name. Before Ekin came to public with that tudung, it is more appropriately being called tudung awning. The tudung received such a subtle name due to the inner side of the tudung which creates shade on the forehead (just like any other ordinary cap). The awning-like shape makes it logical to name the tudung as tudung awning. However, since Ekin is a popular (are you sure?) actress in Malaysia and she was the first celebrity to wear the tudung awning, the tudung received instant popularity too. Many women who were not familiar with the tudung’s name would go shopping for the tudung and the only to let the tudung seller knows what kind of tudung that they are looking for is by referring to the tudung that Ekin wore. Eventually many tudung sellers realized that the tudung is so much sought after by women, so they changed the name to Tudung Ekin.

Yet, I didn’t even know who Ekin is until recently haha.

For those who don’t know who Ekin is, let me just do a brief introduction about her. Ekin is an actress who had starred in many television shows. She wasn’t that popular until the day she dated a star who became popular from a singing competition in Malaysia called Akademi Fantasia. The star I was referring to is Mawi. Mawi has his own group of fans and apparently the group is so huge that many noticed that he had been dating Ekin. Ekin’s name were mentioned in many blogs and celebrities sites on the net and from there on, her name became more and more popular. Apart from dating Mawi, she later became popular with the tudung fashion that she wears which is now fondly known as tudung ekin.

Now what actually makes tudung ekin so popular?

Previously it is common to see women wearing plain tudung and some managed to wear tudung bawal. Tudung bawal became slightly popular than plain tudung since it is embroidered with curvy lines and flourish patterns. When tudung ekin entered the market, it received such popularity since it looks really nice on the wearer and somehow the fashion looks kinda up-to-date. Furthermore, when tudung ekin was worn by Ekin, the tudung, again, received another recognition and therefore women flocked to tudung stores to find tudung ekin.

Till today, women still looking for tudung ekin. The trend continues…

Despite the tudung being so easy to be made on your own, you can actually go to stores and find out that some of them had changed and some even managed to “come out” from the original version of tudung ekin. Some of new version of tudung ekin are combination of the original tudung ekin and tudung bawal. Therefore the tudung has a shape like tudung ekin but instead of being plain cloth, they have decorated the tudung with some patterns stitched on them. I call this as creative approach to further make tudung ekin a better choice for modern Muslim women.

Modern Muslim women love changes and they love to make more and more good changes in their life. They constantly look for changes in how they look and how the world is looking at them. This is what we want. We want them to inspire the whole world and who knows in the future the world top fashion designers will start designing better tudung or hijab for Muslim women. And who knows, Gucci will take tudung ekin to the next level?

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la Signora said...

Loved your articles on the tudung Ekin thing.Didn't know the existance of said tudung until my sister mailed me some.Am now a #1 of the that style of hijjab.Woot!Woot!

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